And then, in 2006, I moved to Milan.

For love.

The osso buco. πŸ™‚


4 ossibuchi veal

20g butter

70g carrot

100g onion



Flour q.b.

Meat broth

Fresh parsley

– Carve with a knife on the skin side for not doing curl the meat during cooking.

– Flour the shanks.

– Chop the carrot and onion and, with a knob of butter which you melt in a pan, fry.

– Add the meat to the onions.

– Browned on both sides, and then add a couple of ladles of broth and the chopped fresh parsley the end. If you want to, you can sfumarli also with a glass of wine.

– Let it cook over a gentle flame, and covered.

– Must go very slowly, the meat must be very tender, and, above all, the marrow, the part contained in f must not discard, and then exit. For this, we need a cooking really gentle.

– Serve it hot.