Shots hashtah #loveyourself and #loveyourbody, this summer many women are spreading on the social philosophy of the ‘bodypositive’, that is, acceptance of the body as is, flaws included (who does not?). Deployed in the first row Arisa, which in reality brings out this battle from time to time, choosing to be herself and not to submit to labels and conventions that, often, the public figures undergo.

In the sea on holiday, the singer leaves the ritocchini photo to anyone who wants to look perfect and it shows no filters. The last bikini is unprecedented: with the legs crossed, on the bed, in the foreground slip, abdomen and breasts. A picture forms that is full of like. Fedez among the first, then here is the top model curvy Elisa D’ospina, Diego Passoni, and the actress Michela Andreozzi, who says: “I love you completely”.

“I am a tree of oranges, a sandwich, milk, a goddess,” he writes Arisa next to the shutter. For her only applause and great estimation.

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Are a tree of oranges, a sandwich, milk, a goddess. #bodypositive #ilikeme #women #nature #rosalbapippa #ricominciareancora Link in bio👆🏻❣️#loveyourself #loveyourbody

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A shared post from Arisa (@arisamusic) date: 18 Aug 2020 at 1:08 am PDT