In the course of the press conference of presentation as new coach of the Barcelona Ronald Koeman has also addressed the issue related to the future of Leo Messi: “I don’t know whether it is to discuss whether it wants to stay or not. And’ the best player in the world, the want to any team in the world. I am happy to work with him: he wins the games, they are delighted if she wants to stay. He has a contract, however, is a player of Barcelona but it is clear that we’ll talk about today: is the Captain and I will speak with him and with other players. In the case of Messi, I hope that it remains here years. What we say is a private matter. What do you think of Barcelona, as he wants to continue… Certainly, these are the things of which we shall speak but once again, he has a contract year and is a player of Barcelona. Every team in the world, and every coach would.”