Humor French and would probably not be the same without it. Blanche Gardin, queen of the laugh, the joke squeaky and subversive, two shows in hand – I’m talking about any one and Good night White simply has no filter. “A concern of truth sickly”, is fun-t-it in the columns of the magazine Télérama. And if it teaches the audience to laugh at everything, even his intestinal problems, or of the sodomy, the comic 43-year-old was not expected to convey its little secrets to a possible offspring. The urge of becoming a mother, she simply made a cross on it.

As she explains with serenity, nature has “put a stop”. “I was confident that I would have children, that it was normal to be a mother, she says. Should I make appeal to science ? The reflection has been difficult, but I decided not to give in to this notion, unhealthy, according to which our desires must necessarily be solved, if necessary, by the technical. Today, it is done, I have deconstructed motherhood.” On stage, Blanche Gardin does not lose an opportunity to laugh. Away from the boards, on the other hand, her journey has been fraught with pitfalls.

His desires suicide, the death of his father – a victim of cancer – have made her the woman she is. But it has sometimes been difficult to go out alone. A few years ago, Blanche Gardin has even been interned in a psychiatric hospital, a step which she emerged unscathed, thanks to her ex-husband, Nicolas Deconinck. “It was not good at all, told it to Nathalie Simon in an autobiography devoted to the comedian. We talked for hours. She asked me to be caring towards her, I helped her back up the hill.” The couple separated in 2009. Since then, Blanche Gardin lives happily with the actor-maligned Louis C. K. And still no children on the horizon…

Find the interview of Blanche Gardin in the magazine “Télérama”, n°3684 of August 19, 2020.