Independent developer Arvydas Zemaitis, the creators of the games in the series Shoppe Keep, and publisher Excalibur Games announced the release date for early access of the new creation of the designer. Business adventure Craftlands Workshoppe will be available October 15.
The game page on Steam a long subtitle: The Funny Indie Capitalist Trading RPG Adventure Game (“Fun shopping adventure capitalist role-playing indie game”). In it, we suddenly become owners of the dilapidated workshop.
From the old premises we can arrange anything: a forge, a bakery or a shop alchemist. Collecting the first portion of resources, you can begin producing goods to then try to sell them to locals and visiting adventurers.
In the development workshop, finding new recipes and various improvements will help to find new friends, and each of them have something in return. Gradually gaining apprentices, unlocking the secrets of the crafts and advertising your products, you can create a thriving centre of crafts.
However, the author of the game suggests, it is not so simple, and our way to the top of the craft is only a small part of the overall picture of what is happening in these lands. And having mastered everything recipes, you can open the door to a new unknown world.
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