Midfielder Andrea Lazzari, now in the Vigor Senigallia, it is connected with the Stadium Open, the transmission of TMW Radio conducted by Niccolò Ceccarini and Francis Welcome, starting from the elimination of Atalanta in the Champions league: “I saw the match and I wanted them to be good: they arrived one step away from the great result, but has had to deal with large samples, is that when you put in motion you can see the clear difference. Their not playing for a while, but is the Atalanta of the Stadium, which started strong and then declined in the recovery”.

With time He could change something?
“It definitely is an added value, perhaps he would have created some opportunity. Seeing Mbappe as it was, it would have been difficult, however: the Atalanta has made a great ride, too bad it arrived just a step from the rewrite of the story.”

That vote would give the season?
“10. They had past the turn there would have been praise”.

Who is the favorite for the Champions?
“I’ve seen Paris in great shape, but Bayern has given eight goals to Barcelona, a stuff never happened. It will be a beautiful final, according to me, leaning more towards Bayern.

Francesco is the right coach for Cagliari?
“Unfortunately in football you never look at too far back: it certainly is a great coach and he showed it, then things do not always go well. The Samp has lived a year no, but Sassuolo did a great job and also to Rome has achieved good goals.”

Champions doubled their advantage can do well at Inter?
“In Rome has shown that, in large teams there can be a great time: went away for a technical choice, certainly would be convenient to Count, then you need to see the will of the player. I know that Cagliari is good, and there are assumptions that remain”.

Where would well Happy?
“You have to understand if he wants to return, and for me, yes after a year that is still. In a big, maybe even abroad… Anyway, this is a great coach and has proved it in all his experiences: if he wants to come back you are sure to find the place”.

What’s it like to see Pirlo, now on the bench of Juve?
“Certainly, the coach is another thing, you have to deal with 25 different heads. For me, at the level of the management of the group, it may be good to have a technician who has just stopped playing and has spent many years in a large locker room. From the first interviews, there are prerequisites to see a nice game. It must be good to transmit his ideas”.

Kick will be enhanced?
“For me to not have to play as a wing-half, but as a playmaker, to the maximum of external freedom of movement. You can’t put in a role, you have to say start there and do what he wants: it’s a 10, and it should be left free to express itself at its best. In the last game he played with Ronaldo and he has also done very well: it is those players that do not have a role, if not to express the quality in every area of the field. Ditto for Bernardeschi, even if you pay more to do the wing-half”.

Inter will win the Europa League?
“Inter cannot do it, this 5-0 will give you a lot of confidence to face the final in the best of ways, although the Seville tough team”.

What he can do with the Fiorentina?
“All in all, in the last championship have done well enough. I’m happy for the reconfirmation of the Park, I think he did a really good job in Florence. Now we will have to re-create a good team to be able to go in positions of high rank”.

She tells us of her new adventure?
“I made a choice of life because I’m now here in Senigallia. Tomorrow we start the preparation, and we hope to make the leap from Excellence to Series D. you Need to be ready physically, because young people pawing but I’m having fun”.

Had any other proposals?
“Some call the D-Series in the surrounding area but I preferred to stay here at home with the family.”

You have given some available?
“Something will be done today but I don’t know… The costs for the swabs and disinfecting unfortunately in these categories can support. Tomorrow, when I’ll go to the field, I’ll find out”.

In that role he will play?
“Last year I started from the director down, then left, and finally the outside of the attack. A little all over the field (laughs, ndr). Where they want, I game: the league should start between the end of September and beginning of October”.