Recently The Last of Us Part II has received a new package called Grounded which added several new features, including the level of difficulty and Realism. This level was already present in the original The Last of Us, but has only been implemented by a few days.

Someone has already managed to complete the game this difficulty and was pleasantly surprised after the appearance of the credits, because they contain a particular detail. In this regard, if you are not yet arrived at the end of the game with the difficulty Realism, we advise you not to proceed with the reading because it is still a spoiler.


Well, at the beginning of The Last of Us Part 2, there is a very small section in which you play as Joel, during which the former protagonist plays a short melody to Ellie on the guitar. However, Joel’s not the end of the song, before leaving, embarrassed by the room.

It turns out that if you manage to finish The Last of Us Part II in the new difficulty as Realism, you’ll be able to listen to the song of Joel for a whole while they are played the credits, as he has recently discovered a user of Twitter. The song is “Future Days” – Pearl Jam, and you can listen to it in full without Joel embarrassment this time.

Beat #TLOU2 on grounded, hear Joel sing the full version of Future Days! @TLOUstrategist @arnemeyer @BadData_ #PS4share

— Michael ?????? (@BeingHuman1993) August 19, 2020

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The new patch was added last week to the game and contains among other things a mode with Permadeath. At this link you can find all the details of the case.

Source: Twitter